Harley-Davidson® FXR Parts and Accessories

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    Regular Price: £1,250.21

    Special Price £1,125.19

  2. Voes Switch

    Fitment: S/T-FXD-FXR 91-96
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    Regular Price: £125.27

    Special Price £112.74

  3. Regular Price: £334.03

    Special Price £300.62

  4. Pan Style Rocker Covers, black

    Fitment: FXR 84-00, XL 86-13
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    Regular Price: £833.84

    Special Price £750.46

  5. Regular Price: £23.59

    Special Price £21.24

  6. Regular Price: £37.48

    Special Price £33.73

  7. Goodridge Rear Brake Line Kit

    Fitment: BT-XL 82-E87
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    Regular Price: £59.09

    Special Price £53.18

  8. Goodridge Front Brake Line Kit

    Fitment: FXR-FXRS 83
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    Regular Price: £136.25

    Special Price £122.62

  9. Goodridge Rear Brake Line Kit

    Fitment: BT-XL L87-94
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    Regular Price: £64.78

    Special Price £58.31

  10. 80-SPOKE 16X3.50 CHROME

    Fitment: FXST, FLST, FXD, FXR, XL 86-99
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    Regular Price: £600.29

    Special Price £540.26

  11. Regular Price: £147.19

    Special Price £132.48

  12. Regular Price: £372.66

    Special Price £335.39

  13. Regular Price: £716.14

    Special Price £644.52

  14. Regular Price: £729.71

    Special Price £656.74


    Product number MWE-5-193 is an aftermarket alternative part for the OEM part number 16219-79A. This means it can be used as a direct replacement part for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a possible saving of up to 85% over offical parts.
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  24. £81.68
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Harley-Davidson® FXR

The Hogfather Online has a huge selection of aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson® FXR’s from high end manufacturers such as S&S, Vance and Hines, Kuryakyn, Cobra, Mustang, Memphis Shades, LA Choppers and many more. Change the look of your Harley-Davidson® FXR with bolt on parts and accessories such as seats, exhaust, fuel management units, handlebars, hot set ups or install a new set of shocks. It does not matter what the dream is you have in your head, with The Hogfather Online and our selection of Harley-Davidson® FXR Aftermarket parts you will be able to make it happen, quickly at a very reasonable price.

About the Harley-Davidson® FXR

The Harley-Davidson® FXR was produced between 1982 and 1994 and sold alongside existing FX models. The FXR chassis was designed around an FLT Tour Glide chassis, but with more conventional design around the steering head and built with lighter frame tubes. These changes meant the frame could offer a rubber mounted engine and a five speed transmission as opposed to a four speed box and sold engine mounting like the original FX chassis.

In 1983 the FXR range was expanded with the introduction of some new models. The FXRT Sport Glide, a variant of the Super Glide with a fairing and saddlebags, and the FXRS Low Glider, which was the FXR version of the FXSB Low Rider. When the FX based models were discontinued, FXRS Low Glide became the FXRS Low Rider and the FXR super Glide II became the FXR Super Glide. Due to the FXR frame not being entirely suitable for wider wide forks, the Wide Glide was discontinued.

List of Harley-Davidson® FXR Models:

  • FXR: Rubber Mount Super Glide
  • FXRDG - Disc Glide
  • FXRP - Police or pursuit – Defender
  • FXRS: FXR Sport
  • FXRS-CON: FXR Sport Convertible
  • FXRS-SP: Low Rider Sport Edition
  • FXRT: FXR Touring


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