Harley Stage 4

Harley Davidson Stage 4

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Stage Four Anything goes. Turbos, blowers, nitrous, strokers, billet motors, massive motors built for the purpose from parts that have never seen Auntie Janet’s bar and shield logo. Quite bizarrely, a Stage Three bike would be the better bike in the vast majority of cases, and when compared to some of the bikes that drop into the Stage Four category, …

Harley Stage 3

Harley Davidson Stage 3

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Stage Three There are those who would say that the first thing you should do to make a Harley work properly is to sort out the heads, but that is generally where “Stage Three” comes in. The combustion chamber on Harley V-twins has benefited from better gas flow characteristics with every evolution, but the standard porting is not best suited …

Harley Stage 2

Harley Davidson Stage 2

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Stage Two Now you’re motoring, but now you’re more likely to need the assistance of a professional. First thing to do is to carry out all the “Stage One” stuff that you want to do before you start, because they are the basis for the next round of modifications: there’s no point sticking hot cams in a strangled motor. By …

Harley Stage 1

Harley Davidson Stage 1

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Harley-Davidson stage 1 bikes are pretty easy to spot. For a start the air filter is the most visible part of the upgrade because it isn’t sunk into the plastic moulding in between the motor and air filter cover. Harley-Davidson Stage 1 Horsepower Increase In stage 1 there is no internal mechanical modification required all we are looking to do …

FXDX Stroker

Staging Your Harley

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In Harley terms, staging follows fairly set patterns. It’s not a general thing you actually can stage any motor and the prices can vary wildly but to get us going let’s look at the basics: Harleys straight out of the factory have the fundamental issue that they notoriously find it difficult to breathe properly. The reason for this is down …