Harley-Davidson® Sportster Foot Controls

Harley-Davidson® Sportster XL Foot Controls

Riding on the Harley-Davidson bike is the dream of almost every man and if you have any interest in biking, then Harley-Davidson® is not just a brand for you. It is more than a bike. These fabulous pieces of beauty are not only meant for only the transportation, they carry the symbol of style and attitude. For the bike lovers who own these bikes, always feel so possessive about them that they may even ready for a fist fight with the person who dares to touch their invaluable Harley-Davidson® bike without their permission. So it is very obvious if you are so passionate about your Harley-Davidson® bike, you are definitely looking for the best destination to shop for this bike for its customization.

The The Hogfather Online provides you the rare and limited edition parts of the motorcycle which will be tough for you to find out for the specific model in the out markets. It offers you a vivid range of parts and accessories to keep you bike in the top condition and to run at its peak performance. There are several parts available for Harley-Davidson®’s foot controls like forward controls, mid controls, jiffy stands and kickstands, brake pedals, footboards and mounts, pegs, levers and linkage etc. The entire air of providing all these foot controls for the Harley-Davidson® bike is to give you the experience of the utmost pleasure of bike riding. In the The Hogfather Online, there are a wide variety of kits from the world famous brand of Harley-Davidson® performance parts such as Accutronix, Drag Specialties, Burly Brand and Ronald Sands Design. Along with the display image in our website, you will also find the product description and price with each specific model.

As for example if you have to shop the foot controls for your Harley-Davidson® Superster XL, you may choose from the listed bike’s category or from the supplier’s category. From the forward control product kits include chrome motor mounts, linkage rods for brake and shifter, shifter arm, brake pedal and mounting hardware. Most of the mount footpegs and shifter pegs are acceptable with these kits. Some of them include stock brake master cylinder. The equipments are available in various attractive colors such as lack, chrome, black and aluminum, nickel, white and polished. In the model MID TOP 3 DEG 87-99 XL, you will find the chrome-plated CNC-machined T-6 billet aluminum with Elite, Elite smooth, Smooth and Gothic design.

The The Hogfather Online provides all these foot control kits for the bike which are available in their online shop’s website. All these products are reliable enough as these are certified from the Harley-Davidson® company itself.

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  1. Regular Price: £451.14

    Special Price £439.86

  2. Regular Price: £516.02

    Special Price £503.12

  3. Regular Price: £439.32

    Special Price £428.34

  4. Regular Price: £458.59

    Special Price £447.12

  5. Regular Price: £316.90

    Special Price £308.98

  6. Regular Price: £187.82

    Special Price £183.13

  7. Regular Price: £187.82

    Special Price £183.13

  8. Regular Price: £576.85

    Special Price £562.43

  9. Regular Price: £576.85

    Special Price £562.43

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