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Harley Davidson Parts, Harley Davidson aftermarket and custom parts

To use our OEM database simply enter the OEM number of the item you would like to replace and we will search our database of 0 aftermarket parts for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Aftermarket parts are typically higher quality, lower cost and they allow you to put your own custom look on your bike. We have data from manufacturers such as Custom Chrome, Midwest, Mid-USA, Parts Europe, Drag Specialties and Zodiac.

Why Use Our Harley-Davidson® Database?

We have combined the data of 5 leading Harley-Davidson® parts manufacturers into one easy to use service. All you need to use our database is the OEM number of the part you would like to replace and we will do the hard work and supply you with a list of aftermarket and custom options that will be a direct replacement to your Harley-Davidson® part.

Harley-Davidson® aftermarket and custom parts offer much more value compared to official OEM parts. Typically they are cheaper, better quality and nicer looking. Our database contains over 35,000 parts so no matter what you are searching for we should be able to supply you with custom Harley-Davidson® parts which will save you money and improve your motorcycle.

However, if you do have a part that our OEM database cannot find a replacement for check out our online store at The Hogfather Online where we have over 1,500,000 parts and accessories available for ALL motorcycles.

Custom Harley-Davidson® Parts

Using data given to us by the leading manufacturers of aftermarket Harley-Davidson® parts we have created a unique and exclusive service which we don't believe anyone else can rival. Simply enter the Harley-Davidson® OEM number of the part you would like to replace on your motorcycle and our system will give you a number of options of aftermarket parts that will bolt right onto your bike.

We enable anyone, if they have "bike knowledge" or not to select parts that will fit straight onto their motorcycle. This is a system we have wanted to create for a long time, The Hogfather Online has 40 years experience of creating custom motorcycles. We know more than anyone just how difficult it can be to select the right parts for your motorcycle, we believe with the OEM database we have removed a huge obstacle for a lot of people as well as removing a boring and tedious task for the seasoned pro's alike.

Try it for youself, and see just how easy it is.

Save Time, Save Money

Our database removes the need to spend hours trawling through catalogs to find your Harley-Davidson® parts. Simply enter the Harley-Davidson® OEM number of the item you would like to replace and we will present you with replacement Harley-Davidson® parts in just a few seconds, leaving you with more free time to go for a ride!

Our Harley-Davidson® parts are also cheaper than the dealers. Below is a price comparision for 15 Harley-Davidson® parts from Jersey H-D, a VAT free Harley-Davidson® dealership. Using our database will save you £1000's on your parts bill and save hours of research on your next project:

OEM # Our Price Jersey HD
37813-06A £277.67 £522.05
31567-81 £42.68 £178.30
31570-73 £158.20 £233.97
31609-65A £46.14 £49.48
58082-87 £51.70 £95.17
34606-74 £15.70 £85.21
31553-90 £263.58 £344.96
37932-98 £54.34 £187.12
31458-66TA £154.81 £233.97
17920-53A £42.37 £87.67
45143-88B £36.58 £109.94
45156-89C £73.14 £167.03
24006-73 £107.34 £193.08