Price Comparison

OEM To Aftermarket Price Comparison

We stock a range of over 1,500,000 aftermarket parts, with over 1,000,000 of those being specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You can get anything from nuts and bolts right up to kit bikes for you to build yourself. If its available we probably sell it.


Lots of people ask us why we do not deal with OEM products, this is why:

  • - High prices
  • - Lower quality
  • - Limited choice


Did you know when buying aftermarket Harley-Davidson parts you can save up to 87%?

Jersey H-D are a Harley-Davidson dealership based in the channel islands, due to their location they do not have to pay VAT. This means they are the cheapest dealership around for parts and accessories, however we are not a dealership. Even though we have to charge VAT buying aftermarket parts from us can save you up to 87% over Jersey H-D. Look at the table below, it contains a small number of examples of OEM prices (ex VAT) compares to our aftermarket prices (Inc VAT).


On a random selection of 10,000 products we beat Jersey H-D's price 8629 times.


Item NameOEM NumberOur PriceJersey H-DSaving
Starter Motor 31553-90 £143.84 inc VAT £344.96 ex VAT 58%
Front Brake Line 45143-88B £32.94 inc VAT £109.94 ex VAT 70%
Clutch Plates 37932-98 £54.54 inc VAT £187.12 ex VAT 70%
Shift Lever 34606-74 £12.91 inc VAT £85.21 ex VAT 84%
Battery 12v 18a 65989-97 £20.09 inc VAT £128.01 ex VAT 84%
Individual Gear 35027-94 £38.92 inc VAT £132.85 ex VAT 70%
Trans Top Cover 34541-00 £28.94 inc VAT £226.52 ex VAT 87%
Gauge Bracket 67053-95 £47.01 inc VAT £115.99 ex VAT 59%
Front Sprocket Cover 34932-04 £49.49 inc VAT £128.01 ex VAT 61%


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